Comparison between Samsung's Secure Folder feature and Xiaomi's Second Space


In terms of content, Xiaomi and Samsung's Secure Folder feature and Second Space feature each offer completely unique experiences from one another, but in terms of use, we can say that the two features are similar in some way. In this article, we'll discuss the differences between the two features, the significance of each feature, and how we can say that the two features are similar.

Samsung Secure Folder feature

The Knox-based Samsung Secure Folder feature establishes a separate profile on the phone in which you may store all of the programs you wish to keep private and those you don't want anybody else to have access to. When you enable the Secure Folder feature on your Samsung phone, an icon for it will show among your other programs. Secure Folder is always protected by a fingerprint scanner, a password, or a pin that you select. It may be used to store private data and images as well as your own applications.

Xiaomi's Second Space feature

The concept of Second Area is to establish an additional space on your primary phone if you purchase a second phone, with the same system apps and the ability to install any applications you like on this interface or second space. Since this second area is different from your primary area, you There are applications specifically designed for work time and other applications specifically designed for home, a work space and a home space, which is an advantage of creating a complete place that you can designate to work away from the home space or the personal time space.

The differences between the two features

The two qualities' fundamental differences are what distinguish them most from one another. The Secure Folder feature is a sub-profile you create on the phone to store your data, private images, private files, and private applications in a secure location that only you and anyone with your fingerprint or the password you select can access. Second space As if it were a different phone on your phone, it is a full space apart from your primary space. The amount of protection is where the second difference is found. The level of protection in Secure Folder is higher than the protection in Second Space since Knox is a level of protection at the hardware level.

Change the basic concept of the feature while maintaining the protection. Both characteristics concur that Google Play will treat them as a different phone from your primary phone. On the second space or in the Secure folder, you must sign in with your Google account; however, with Samsung, you can manually add applications. You can access your Secure Folder without creating a Google account through the phone's applications.

The two features are similar

The similarity between the two features lies in the fact that both use a fingerprint fingerprint to protect apps, files, photos, and other stored items. The two features are similar in that they both allow you to use the second space as a storage only for files and images, similar to Secure Folder, and similar to Second Space, where you can place applications that you do not want to bother you constantly and on which you do not want to spend a lot of time.