10 Hidden features of the Google Meet chat App

10 Hidden features of the Google Meet chat App

 There is no denying that video conversations play a crucial role in big businesses, and their significance grew as the Corona epidemic spread. Businesses use a variety of programs, from Zoom and Microsoft Teams to Google Duo and Skype. But some people use Google Meet. because it has excellent features that maximize video calls. We'll discuss the top ten Google Meet features that aren't obvious but are crucial for improving company or family meetings in our topic.

Microphone and loudspeaker

Make sure your microphone, speaker, and headphones, if you use them, are in working order before joining a video conference, whether it be for a business meeting, a family discussion, etc. through Google Meet's virtual green room function. Once you are logged in, you can enhance the audio quality for other users by turning on noise cancellation in Google Meet. This functions whether you are calling from a computer or an Android phone.

Broadcast the call live

Setting up a live broadcast will allow you to broadcast your Google Meet call in a presentation-style. By doing this, even those who are not affiliated with your company can view what is happening, but they are not permitted to remark or pose questions.

Why launch Google Meet live ?

You could consider sharing. Staff and student education and training. Maybe you want to organize a virtual conference or gathering. Whatever the motivation, Google has incorporated a feature in Meet that enables a live broadcast of the entire discussion.

See all meeting participants

There are typically many people on Google Meet calls. You must enable grid layout or list view if you want to be sure that you can see all subscribers, or at least as many as you can. Simply select the Tiled option by tapping on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen. You can then change the slider in the pop-up to show 6 to 49 additional participants.

Focus on the speaker

You don't need to worry about distracting your eyes if you're on a busy call and can't fully concentrate on where your primary speaker (speaker) is in network view. Installing the main speaker in the top row of your grille will allow you to focus on it without having to strain your eyes.
Simply place your pointer over their face and click the tiny pin icon to accomplish this. It will then be pinned to the top of the Meet view as a speaker tag.

Changing the conversation from one device to another

You may send a meeting to another screen with Google Meet, much like with other Google media services, for greater convenience. As a result, you can project content from your laptop or desktop computer onto the TV in a different room or conference room. If the meeting goes on for a while and you need to prepare a snack, you may also transmit the Meet call from your computer to the Nest Hub and pick it up there.

Record the conversation and save it for your reference

This functionality has been added to Google Meet so that you can save a meeting as a course, share a copy of it with colleagues who couldn't attend, or return to it later. The Record Meeting option is located in the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen, and all you have to do is tap on it. A recording of the meeting will then be available in your Gmail inbox and the private meeting recordings folder in Google Drive immediately after the meeting concludes and the recording stops.

Quick join the conversation

Instead than looking for the invite link, you may quickly join a Google Meet call from Gmail or Google Calendar with just one click. Although they are simple, many people find these shortcuts obtrusive or bothersome. On your PC or through the Android app, you can turn off the feature in Gmail.

Add an animated background to the conversation

One of my favorite Google Meet features is the option to blur the background or replace it with beautiful photographs. Everyone enjoys doing it occasionally, not just because it's nice to switch up your appearance, but also because there are times when the house is a mess or kids are playing around and you don't need coworkers to know how to live.

Recently, Google added the option to use dynamic backdrops, which might alter the appearance of your calls. However, because it might be a little distracting during business meetings, you might want to exercise caution before turning it on.

Google also makes use of AI to support automatic lighting adjustments. to make yourself more noticeable to other callers. Additionally, an auto zoom tool that will preserve your center of the image by default is shortly to be available. All of these elements assist you appear your best by utilizing features like these.

Share screen and documents in conversation

whether Google Workspace apps are utilized by your company. When it's time to play your presentations, sharing your screen via Google Meet is simple. You can choose to share your full screen, a specific window, or a single Chrome tab by simply clicking the submit symbol (the box with an arrow pointing up) at the bottom of the screen.

You may now share your presentation of a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, or Presentation directly to your ongoing Meet call thanks to a new upgrade to the Google Workspace apps. Simply click the Submit button in the top right corner of the Google Doc, select Submit Tab to Meeting from the drop-down menu, and decide whether you want them to view more of your screen or just that tab.

Keyboard shortcuts

Implement these suggestions without looking away from the webcam if you want to use Google Meet like a pro during your subsequent Google Meet call. The quicker you pick up on using them, the sooner you'll be able to master Meet calls. Google has included numerous helpful keyboard shortcuts, including a keyboard shortcut to display you all the keyboard shortcuts.

To see who is currently speaking: Ctrl + Alt + s on ChromeOS or Windows computers will alert you who is currently speaking. On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.

Current information about the room: Ctrl + Alt + i will tell you information about the room you are currently in, including the participants in the call. On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.

Show/hide comments: just press the c key. That's all you have to do.
Turn the camera on / off: Ctrl + e . On a Mac, replace Ctrl with the ⌘ key.

Mute/unmute the microphone: Ctrl + d. On a Mac, replace Ctrl with the ⌘ key.

Increase the number of participant boxes: Ctrl + Alt + k . On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.

Reduce the number of participant tiles: Ctrl + Alt + j . On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.

Show/hide the meeting chat window: Ctrl + Alt + c. On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.

Show/hide participants: Ctrl + Alt + p . On a Mac, replace Alt with the ⌘ key.